Our Motto

"Based upon `3L` virtues: Lore, Liability and Loyalty, We are Committed to Excellence making easier our complex world"

Our Ethics

Adopting ICE Ethics, our global vision:
Civil engineers at the heart of society, delivering sustainable development through knowledge, skills and professional expertise.
Our core values:
Trust and honesty, ethical behaviour and integrity, high standards, quality and professionalism.

- The Institution of Civil Engineers

Structural Engineering

We can offer to our clients cost effective and innovative design solutions for all types of construction and structural schemes through our extensive experience covering all aspects of structural engineering as well as analysis & design of earthquake resistant structural design. In addition, our most important capability is the ability we have to effectively communicate with the other professionals, such as: Architects, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Environmentalists, Project Managers, Public Authorities & Services.

Our Services include: 

  • Front End Engineering Design, FEED.

Feasibility Study, Conceptual Design, Basic Design, Cost Estimates.

Our FEED design focuses the technical requirements as well as rough investment cost for the project. Our FEED can be divided into separate packages covering different portions of the project and the FEED package is used as the basis for bidding the Execution Phase Contracts (EPC, EPCI, etc) and is used as the design basis. A good FEED will reflect all the clients’ project specific requirements and avoid significant changes during the execution phase. During the FEED phase there is close communication between Project Owners and Operators and the Engineering Contractor to work up the project specific requirements.

  • Detailed Structural Engineering. 

Modeling, Analysis, Design, Detailing (General, Shop and As-Built Drawings).

  • Structural Assessment 

Pre and Post damage evaluations, Risk assessments, Back-analysis, H & S at work checks. 

  • Structural Restoration and Rehabilitation

Complete structural engineering services focused on repair and strengthening solutions.

  • Value Engineering

Alternative structural solutions, Material optimization, Detail simplification.

  • Construction and Management Support

Design and Construction Document services (compilation, adaptation), Supervision.

  • General Structural Engineering Consulting

Problem Solving, Support of Design, Management and Contractor Engineering Teams. 

  • Legal Structural Engineering Consulting

Support of Law Firms on disputes and claims, Building surveys, Code and Plan Reviews. 

Moreover, due to our commitment to novelty in engineering, our early implementation and access to the scientific data obtained from academia as well as together with our strategic alliances, we can also provide more advanced services with respect to: 

  • Innovative Structural Solutions

Implementation of New Structural Technologies, Damping Systems, Non-Codified Systems. 

  • Advanced Structural Design

Non linear Analysis, Performance Based Design, Thin-walled Structures, Tensile Structures.