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Adopting ICE Ethics, our global vision:
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- The Institution of Civil Engineers

Peer Review Services

Based on our partnership, which combines and integrates  the Geotechnical and Structural Engineering Disciplines, we can offer to our clients the most effective Peer Review Process; this is because of the fact that from the initial preliminary stage, and in-house, under the same responsibility and contract team, a verification, review and reporting to the stakeholder for any kind of civil engineering project can be performed. This is a unique and important combination feature, when we consider the controversial aspects amongst the proposed geotechnical and structural solutions.   

Peer Reviewing has many facets and among the technical one we can distinguish a Structural Peer Review at the conceptual stage of a design process, at an intermediate phase in case of an on-going project and at a final stage with a design completely terminated. Moreover, the Peer Reviewing could be carried out directly to the Client or as a Third-Party Check. 

With a collaborative spirit, our experienced teams become a key part of the design team, interacting with other professionals, in order to provide a value engineering solution, respecting the client’s expectations and investments. 

It is well-recognized that the peer review is a case-by-case individual process and in many cases it is project oriented, strongly dependent on the stakeholders' attitude and desire. However, a general standard procedure and perspective adopted by our company is presented as follows:

A) Preliminary Tier

  1. Clients expectations and performance objectives.
  2. Meeting(s) with the design team to review the project approach (site conditions, design assumptions and performance, geotechnical restrictions, structural concept, constructability issues).
  3. Review of all the available documentation (code of practice, specifications, contract docs).

B) Basic Tier 

  1. Review of the geotechnical, seismic hazard and other soil-foundation data & reports.
  2. Review of structural concepts, design criteria, analysis and design methodology as well as an initial constructability check.  
  3. Meeting(s) with the design team to present the review findings and to further discuss potential improvements / amendments. 
  4. Peer Review-Preliminary Report.

C) Detailed Tier

  1. Review of analysis results. (Feedback with design team).
  2. Review of the design results. (Feedback with design team). 
  3. Meeting(s) with the design team to review and to improve the findings.
  4. Technical review of the structural details. (Feedback with design team). 
  5. Peer Review - Interim Report.

D) Final Tier

  1. Review of detailed and shop drawings.
  2. Constructability check.
  3. Peer Review-Final Report.

As a function of a project, more or less tiers and steps would be required.