Our Motto

"Based upon `3L` virtues: Lore, Liability and Loyalty, We are Committed to Excellence making easier our complex world"

Our Ethics

Adopting ICE Ethics, our global vision:
Civil engineers at the heart of society, delivering sustainable development through knowledge, skills and professional expertise.
Our core values:
Trust and honesty, ethical behaviour and integrity, high standards, quality and professionalism.

- The Institution of Civil Engineers

Professional Presentations

Geotechnical Engineering - Indicative Presentations

  • PG1. Capabilities and Qualifications Onshore Geophysical and Geological Engineering Investigation and Survey Services. Lecture to Professionals. (pdf)


  • PG2. Deep Excavation supported by Anchored Reinforced Pile Retaining Wall in Aigiptou Square, Alexandras Avenue, Athens, Greece. University Lecture. (pdf)


  • PG3. Geotechnical Engineering Site Investigation. Lecture to Professionals. (Greek). (ppt)


  • PG4. Lateral Earth Pressures. Lecture to Professionals. (Greek). (ppt)


  • PG5. Stability Investigation Methodology and Technologies for Stabilisation of Slopes and Bodies of unstable Uncontrolled Waste Disposal Sites (U.W.D.S.). The “Peania U.W.D.S.” Case Study in Greece. University Lecture.(ppt)
  • PG6. Deep Excavations supported by Anchored Reinforced Concrete Piled Retaining Walls. Construction Phases and Procedure. Lecture in the framework of CPD of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE). (pdf)


Structural Engineering- Indicative Publications

  • PS1. Lessons learned from recent earthquakes: Observed damage and new type of steel connections, 2003, UPT Lecture. (pdf)


  • PS2. Structural restoration of historical monuments. Specific examples of Greek practice. 2003, Summer course lecture, Unesco-UPT. (pdf)


  • PS3. Vulnerability assessment of r/c buildings for earthquake purposes. RIMA   2010, Bucharest, Romania. (pdf)


  • PS4. Reports for earthquakes of Haiti, Columbia and New Zealand. (pdf)


  • PS5. Considerations on Local Ductility of Steel Framed Structures under seismic action. (pdf)


  • PS6. Cyclic and strain-rate local ductility of steel beams. Paper Presentation in the EuroSteel 2014. (pdf)

  • PS7. The BP Macondo Accident in the Golf of Mexico, April 2010. (pdf)