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Our Motto

"Based upon `3L` virtues: Lore, Liability and Loyalty, We are Committed to Excellence making easier our complex world"

Our Ethics

Adopting ICE Ethics, our global vision:
Civil engineers at the heart of society, delivering sustainable development through knowledge, skills and professional expertise.
Our core values:
Trust and honesty, ethical behaviour and integrity, high standards, quality and professionalism.

- The Institution of Civil Engineers

Short Company Profile

Short Company Presentation (pdf)

GeoStatic provides engineering design, consulting, forensic-investigation and project management services to clients, delivering integrated solutions on projects of any kind and level of complexity. 

Acting as a consolidation, its affiliate consultants, and strategic technology alliances, have extensive geotechnical and structural engineering experience throughout the Europe and around the world.

Our consolidation was dictated by the real needs of the market as well as of the performance of the structural systems. It is well recognized that soil-foundation-structure interaction and its implications cause problems to both safety and economy of constructions. Thus, we provide both Geotechnical and Structural integrated services in a unique way supporting each other, under the same affiliation and responsibility to clients. Remarkably, we offer expertise that goes beyond the “state of the art and practice” developing techniques, usually found in academic and research institutions. 

Combined technology resources can be made available to provide all the necessary geotechnical equipment and personnel, structural specialists, and civil-geotechnical engineers required for almost any type of project. Accordingly, our close ties with Universities and national-international laboratories help us providing design by testing.  

We are the leaders in the field of GeoStatic. Based upon knowledge, practical experience and by using all the knife edge informational tools, we have the ability to provide technologically innovative and practical solutions on time and on budget.

We kindly invite you to discover who we are (pdf).